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0.3 10 May

Фирма занимается розничной торговлей стройматериалов, пиломатериалов

0.0 4 Mar 2018

Mezőgazdasági termelés, feldolgozás Сільськогосподарське виробництво, переробка

Pemika Trans, Kft
0.0 18 Aug 2016

Животноводство, пром. переработка, торговля мясными продуктами. Услуги по перевозке скота, готовой продукции.

In neighboring regions
2.7 20 Oct new

Общество с ограниченной ответственностью RX-Wase Conruct. Основная деятельность: Строительство жилых и нежилых зданий.

0.0 6 Aug 2020

Строительные работы. Отделочные работы. Укладчики плитки. Маляр-штукатур.

In Hungary
Forrteam, Kft
0.4 16 Sep 2019

Lucent USA optical cable 18x12 fiber=216 fiber net 8 Eur/meter. Manufacturer: Lucent USA Type: ITU-T G.655 Fibers: 216 Fibers (Ribbon Arrangement) Housing: steel, protective, so-called rat and rodent protected design. Quantity offered for sale: ~ 81 rolls of 6000 meters Transport parameters: 1...

0.1 28 Sep new

Fenyőfűrészáru Nagykereskedés Építő fűrészáru, Asztalos Fűrészáru, Ragasztott táblák, gerendák

0.0 31 Mar 2014

Acquisto pellet chiaro di abete o pino in bag 15 kg prezzo 1DAP nord italia

0.0 18 Feb 2020

Nickel wire 99,98% purity with IGAS Certification!! 250g! 46.000 meter! Contact me in email!

0.0 18 Aug 2016

Dunacamion Spedition Kft. - the transportation and shipping logistics company.

Frulity, Kft
0.0 1 Sep 2020

We are a Hungarian fruit/veg trading company. Stone fruits, apple, walnut, dried fruits anod others are available in our portfolio.

0.0 4 Oct 2019

Our company has activity in Ferrous and non Ferrous Metals. We are serving with R50/R65 Scrap Used Rail, HMS-1&2 Mixed Scrap, Millberry Scrap Copper, Copper Cathode, Aluminum Ingot and Zing Ingot products. Also, We are working with Sabic company in steel used rail product. We have authorization...

0.0 27 Dec 2017

Art production. Original paintings. All types of pictures available. portraits from photos. Oil, canvas. Shipping to all countries.

0.0 29 Apr

Trade with wood pellets and wood shavings. We buy wood pellets and shavings for animals for litter.

0.0 22 Jun

WE FOCUS ON YOUR preferable IT team member, so you can focus on your core business objectives. Staffing and recruitment

0.0 3 Aug

Selling brand new mobile phones unlocked, sealed and works with any sim cards or networks

0.0 17 Mar

Az NMT Kft. egy sikeres orvosi nagygép kereskedelem. Legfőbb Káros daganatok terápiájára készült nagygépekkel foglalkozunk.

0.0 22 Jan 2017

Trade coconut oil cold pressed in one-liter containers production Indonesia

0.0 27 Mar 2016

Pokupaju drevesinu

0.0 27 Jun

Private employer áll Kind of things We do from building to othets

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