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walnuts в Дьер-Мошон-Шопроне

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120 €/т CIF
Walnuts are an exceptionally nutritious nut. They have higher antioxidant activity and significantly more healthy omega-3 fats than any other common nut. This rich nutrient profile contributes to the many health benefits associated with walnuts, such as reduced inflammation and improved heart
15 фев 2023
3 €/кг
Full sortiment of dried fruits/nuts available from import (Non-EU) producer. More variety of dried plums, apricots, grape, apple or compote mix. Peanut or hazelnut also available. The importer also have some non-sulfured dried apricots. 2020 autumn prices: walnut: 2,5-5,5 €/kg dried plum: 1,8
1 сен 2020
Chandler - Fernor Walnut Saplings (Tree)
Chandler - Fernor Walnut Saplings (Tree) - фото 1
Chandler - Fernor Walnut Saplings (Tree) - фото 2
+4 фото
Chandler - Fernor Walnut Saplings (Tree) - фото 3
5 €/шт FCA  
опт 2 - 4 €/шт
Chandler -Fernor Walnut Saplings 2-3 Years old , High Quality
19 дек 2019
1 000 фор./шт
Amount Per Serving Calories 160 Calories From Fat 110 % Daily Value Total Fat 14g 21 % Saturated Fat 2g 11 % Polyunsaturated 2.5g Monounsaturated Fat 9g Cholesterol 0mg 0 % Sodium 0mg 0 %
31 янв
Kit Kat, Lion, Choco Crossies, After Eight.
Kit Kat, Lion, Choco Crossies, After Eight. - фото 1
Kit Kat, Lion, Choco Crossies, After Eight. - фото 2
+7 фото
Kit Kat, Lion, Choco Crossies, After Eight. - фото 3
Оптовая цена
1.20 - 2.70 €/шт
Kit Kat, Lion, Choco Crossies, After Eight. Greetings, I am the sales and purchasing manager of Agchitek Future - an import-export FMCG company. We specialize in cosmetics, toiletries, household chemicals from world famous companies. # Kit Kat & Lion Mixcarton Multipack 54 er : 4-40g ;4-42g
25 фев
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12 - фото 1
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12 - фото 2
+4 фото
Continuous fryer 400/1100/12 - фото 3
3 020 000 фор./шт EXW
The universal conveyor fryer allows you to fry a wide range of products such as: nuts, chips, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, patties, pies, schnitzels, french fries, snacks and other products - the range of products can be easily expanded with additional modules. In terms of its functions and
7 дек 2023
Set for bathroom Felix
Set for bathroom Felix - фото 1
Set for bathroom Felix - фото 2
+2 фото
Set for bathroom Felix - фото 3
995 €/шт
The model is available in sizes: 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm, 1100 and 1300 mm; Available in 4 glossy colors: white, graphite, bismarck and walnut; The model is complemented by a wide range of cases with the possibility of changing their filling; The model can be equipped with a washbasin made of glass
3 июл 2023
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